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Goldfish Gravel and Decorations

click for goldfish aquarium decorations by Petsmart.comLayer the bottom of your goldfish aquarium with at least one inch of gravel. Buy only quality gravel from a trusted source to avoid chemically treated gravel that may harm the water quality in the goldfish aquarium.

Wash the gravel thoroughly before laying it in the goldfish tank. The gravel may be covered in dust or other contaminants. Wash it under running water, until you see that the water is perfectly clear.

Decorating your goldfish aquarium can be lots of fun! For the fish it provides shelter, as well as interest, and for you and your guests it can enhance the beauty of your goldfish aquarium. Whatever you put in your goldfish aquarium, make sure it has no sharp edges. Goldfish can swim very fast (especially common goldfish and comet goldfish) and if they're scared or otherwise distracted, they can actually hurt themselves by running into a sharp item in their tank.

There is a huge selection of aquarium decorations. Most goldfish aquariums look nice with either classical or modern ornaments. Remember that artificial corals are traditionally more appropriate for tropical fish.

Many goldfish owners also add a scenic background to the aquarium, adding visual depth to the setting.

Refer to the other pages in this section for more information about choosing the right goldfish aquarium, water filters and air pump, heating and lighting and water plants.

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